Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Friday Morning in the Life of Room 5 in 2017

Making hands and feet for our Me characters that display all the information about ourselves. We had to work together and trace our hands and feet onto cardboard before cutting them out. This was a big task and needed lots of hand power!! 

Making the arms and legs that attach to our bodies. We had to concertina the card to make the legs have movement.

Our finished product.....a 'Me character'
approx the same size as we are. On this we have displayed information about ourselves, our families and where we come from. We have also artistically collaged the shorts and  t-shirts and made our own faces using pastel. This has been a 6 week project but most of 'us' are complete now.

Other people in our class were publishing their stories or testing their spelling buddies.

Others of us having running record testing with the teacher...........and following this we had our Mandarin Lesson taken by Mrs Rolle. 

Phew!!! all of this before lunchtime.


  1. The 'Me' projects are looking very impressive in the classroom!

  2. I love your characters.
    From Matthew

    Room 1