Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Year of the Rooster

We made our Rooster by collaging all the separate parts together. Then we added strips of paper from magazines for his tail and feathers. Finally we could pastel parts of its body to make them stand out. We put a lot of effort into making our Roosters and chose our colours so that all Roosters were different.


  1. Wow Room 5! We hope you an amazing time making your Roosters. They are very colourful. Room 12 likes colourful art. Did you have to use a lot of magazines?

    Have a look at what we've done on our blog:

  2. We like your Roosters!

    We wish you could come and show us one of your roosters. We love your roosters. We liked the way you made them.

    Katie, Taylor, Matthew, Elise.

    Room 1