Sunday, August 20, 2017

Transport Technology Day

We made a detailed plan of what we wanted to construct. Then we made a second plan to improve ion the first. We needed to show clearly the equipment we would use and how we would attach our pieces.

Construction Day
WOW what a lot of boxes and all sorts of recycled equipment.
We have been talking about transport, anything that will take us from one place to another.

Transport Models

'I created a boat and followed my plan well. I enjoyed my day of constructing."


"I followed my plan really well.  My scooter looked just like my plan and I used all the materials that I thought I would."

Container Truck
"I followed my plan.  It was useful.  My container truck is very cool!"

"I created many things and really enjoyed my day exploring my ideas."

"I planned to make a bus but it was hard.  I changed it to an aeroplane but I didn't follow a plan.  I like it, it's pretty."

"I made a plan but once I made car I needed to add to it to make it look better.  I liked the wheels!"

"I made a plan and worked out what I needed.  My Dad made the pieces I needed out of wood at home and I put it together at school.  It rolls!  Everyone loved it!

Fancy Bus
"I changed my ideas from my plane and made a fancy bus. I spent a lot of time decorating it and presenting my bus."

Time Travel Box
"I made a plan but I kept on changing my mind.  When I found this box I knew what I had to do.  I thought it was great and I have found a driver - a Shopkin I found on the floor!"

"I made a plan but I needed to make some changes.  I changed the propeller and I covered the bottle to stop it rolling.  I enjoyed making it."

Police Car
"I made a plan and I used some of it.  I needed to change my roof, I couldn't put on the lights or alarm.  I thought my car was good!"

"I made a plan but I changed everything because I did not have the pieces I needed.  I wasn't happy with it because I didn't want to tape it up."

"I used the plan that I had made.  I think it would work if I put enough water in it to weigh it down.  It was fun to make!"

Rocket Ship
"I had lots of ideas and I tried to make a plan.  I really wanted to make the biggest.  My rocket ship is fabulous!"

I copied my plan and it didn't take very long to make.  It was ok and my brother really enjoys playing with it."

Race Car
"I first made a plan then decided what materials I needed.  I used my plan and I thought my race car was good.  I wanted the wheels to work."

I made a plan but I had to make some changes.  I was going to use a box but I thought a milk bottle would be better.  It is good and was fun to make!"

Puppy Dog
"Yes, I can ride a puppy dog!  I planned to make a unicorn but I made it a dog because it's head was too big and I didn't have a cone for a horn.  I think it's really cute, his name is Tod."

"I made a plan and I didn't need to change anything but I couldn't find something to use for wheels.  I love how it looks, especially the colour!"

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